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Italkrane S.r.l. was founded with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing explosion-proof lifting and transport equipment of different sizes, capacities and loads.

Close collaboration with customers and attention to innovation

Since 1962, Italkrane has been providing comprehensive support to customers throughout the entire process of developing and manufacturing equipment and machinery, using a team of expert technicians and specialized engineers. Our extensive experience, gained over half a century of activity, is a sure guarantee of seriousness and competence.

The company offers complete cranes but can also supply only electro-mechanical components required for the construction of cranes, with the exclusion of steel structures, for which construction drawings can be provided upon request.

Italkrane is committed to developing and implementing custom projects, in order to meet the specific needs of each customer, with efficient, cutting-edge technological solutions.

Establishment and corporate objectives

Italkrane was founded in Milan in 1962 by Enzo Banfi and Giovanni Penati, who were respectively CEO and President of the company until 2015.

From the very beginning, their main aim was to establish a state-of-the-art factory, capable of innovating production techniques for overhead cranes and electric winches, using cutting-edge machinery and equipment.

Business growth and relocation

Italkrane began by focusing on the manufacturing of electromechanical parts and on consultancy services for the creation of modern lifting systems. After five years, the company moved to Bussero, 15 km east of Milan, to establish a fully-equipped workshop with state-of-the-art metal carpentry facilities.

The new headquarters of Italkrane was conceived with a strong focus on eco-sustainability and perfect integration with the surrounding environment

ITALKRANE developed a new foundation plinth for its Atlante test area, to test larger column cranes, up to 120 tm, therefore further expanding its testing capabilities.

ITALKRANE reached the milestone of 8000 devices built, highlighting the continuing growth of the company.

An important order was acquired for the RASGAS INSHORE EXPANSION PROJECT, demonstrating ITALKRANE’s ability to overcome the challenge of a saline environment.

Italkrane won the “Large Exporter” award, from the Italian mechanical industry federation ANIMA, confirming the company’s international impact.

Launch of the YOYO chain hoist, for loads from 250 to 2000 kg, in both normal and explosion-proof versions.

Launch of the GO-UP wire rope hoist, a lifting device without external gears, safer and quieter.

The company began to manufacture explosion-proof systems for the petrochemical industry, responding to the need for greater safety.

In Milan, Enzo Banfi and Giovanni Penati founded ITALGRU, which then became ITALKRANE, and anticipated the growing demand for lifting systems.

The range of YOYO electric chain hoists continues to expand, extending to loads of up to 5000 kg, to meet a greater range of needs.

Renovation of the ITALKRANE offices, with a modern design and attention to energy efficiency and the installation of a monument to Prometheus.

Creation of the ATLANTE testing system structure, allowing customers to see crane tests before delivery.

ITALKRANE obtained ISO 9001 certification, recognizing the quality of our products at an international level, and particularly for extreme temperature environments.

The production area was expanded from 3000 to 4000 m², making sure operators work in an increasingly safe and protected environment.

ITALKRANE’s explosion-proof cranes began to conquer the foreign market, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

ITALKRANE moved to Bussero, expanding its production area to meet the growing demand for cranes and industrial hoists.

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