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Italkrane winches: robustness, efficiency and simplified maintenance for the world of industrial lifting.

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Italkrane winches are designed to face the most demanding tests and are ready to operate in conditions of intensive service and particularly demanding work environments. 

A distinctive quality of Italkrane winches is excellent component visibility and easy access, guaranteeing easy maintenance

With mechanisms designed to be extraordinarily robust, these winches meet the most demanding work needs. 

Versatility is guaranteed by the possibility of equipping them with a hook, both simple or ramshorn type, or different accessories, such as a bucket, a magnet or a lifting beam, therefore expanding the range of possible applications.

Winch trolley

Loads: 110/20 t

Winch trolley

Loads: 90/20 t

Winch trolley

Loads: 35 t

Winch trolley

Loads: 25 t

Winch trolley

Loads: 100/20 t

Winch trolley

Loads: 63 t