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In the world of industrial lifting, versatility and adaptability are essential: this is why we offer a complete range of cranes for every need.

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Italkrane offers standard cranes as well as explosion-proof models designed for classified environments, requiring the highest levels of safety.

What makes each Italkrane crane unique is our personalised approach, not limited to supplying a product but rather delivering a tailor-made solution, conceived through innovation and dedicated design.

The lifting capacity of our cranes ranges from 1 to 150 t, ensuring that every customer can find just the right crane for their needs, ready to respond to every operational challenge.

Double-girder overhead crane

Loads: up to 150 t

Single-girder overhead crane

Loads: up to 30 t

Gantry cranes

Loads: up to 30 t

Jib cranes

Loads: up to 10 t

Gru sospese

Portata: fino a 30 ton

Gru monotrave

Portata: fino a 30 t