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Choose the versatility and reliability of Italkrane chain hoists to improve your business operations.

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Discover the high engineering and versatility of Italkrane’s chain hoists

This line, which extends from models equipped with a suspension hook to push and mechanical trolleys, offers essential tools for load lifting and daily handling operations.

The YOYO series of electric chain hoists is available in 3 load variants, for capacity ranging from 500 to 5,000 kg. The smart structure of these remarkably light hoists represents the fulcrum of superlative mechanical performance, which allows you to lift heavy loads with the utmost efficiency and simplicity. The ease of use translates into a productivity boost, lightening workloads and transforming arduous tasks into simple, effortless operations.

For particularly light services, the manual chain hoists offer exceptionally high mechanical performance, allowing you to lift loads with extreme ease.

The compact design of the chain hoists offers significant advantages in situations where every centimetre counts, making them ideal for extremely limited spaces. Choosing Italkrane means optimizing your way of working, significantly reducing fatigue, making every movement smoother and quicker, and improving safety.

Electric chain hoists

Manual chain hoists with mechanical trolley

Manual chain hoists with suspension hook

Low headroom manual chain hoists

Mechanical trolleys