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Italkrane Lifting Equipment for every need of lifting

Italkrane customizes its lifting equipment according to customer’s specific requirements.

For example, it is possible to protect the crane from extreme environmental conditions, which require special technical measures to reach a particular loading area, or that it is essential to redesign the trolley to handle unusual loads.

Personalized Lifting equipments guarantee safety and reliability. Each tailor made crane is designed in order to provide the right solution for any lifting needs.

To guarantee safety and reliability, for each lifting equipment, Italkrane uses proven technology solutions and fully tested components.

Some of the required customizations:

• No alloys of aluminum or copper alloys
• Stainless steel ropes
• Additional safety brakes
• Special painting
• Explosion-proof electrical system with explosion-proof enclosures
• Trolley for curve path
• Equipments with automatic or semi-automatic cycle operation
• Equipments suitable for operating at low temperatures